About The Fish House


Chris and Jenny Richardson, Directors of The Fish House and sister outlet The Fish Hut welcome new and regular customers and Chris is proud to describe the Richardson families involvement in the fishing industry and catering.


From being Fleetwood fishermen in the 1920s through to becoming multiple award winning restranteurs today, almost 100 years experience is reflected in the quality of their delicious fish dishes.


My family first became involved in the Fleetwood fishing industry in the early 1920’s, as many of my ancestors were local fishermen working from the Fleetwood dock on Fleetwood trawlers. This traditional line of work developed through the family as my grandfather and father became engineers for fishing companies where they both – in their time - had the opportunity to work on board some of the country’s greatest trawlers. This experience eventually led my father to the fish merchant side – where he successfully established his own business supplying fresh local fish to businesses throughout the country.



And so it is that ‘fish’ has always been a part of my life! I spent much of my formative years watching my father work and school holidays were spent gaining hands on experience at the processing plant on Fleetwood Dock and at retail markets throughout the North West. When I left school, I worked full time in the family business which I enjoyed immensely, but the opportunity to move into fish and chips came along in 2002 and I knew my fish trade know how would enable me to establish my own fish and chips history by developing a great new business that people would enjoy.


In 2005, I saw another opportunity for The Fish House when a local shop closed its doors and I realised the potential the site had as a place for me to expand my business from offering just takeaway fish and chips to moving into the restaurant side too. We moved to our new premises – Fleetwood's oldest building (175 years old) – in April 2011. Our express takeaway and recently refurbished restaurant continue to go from strength to strength and we remain dedicated to providing quality fish and chips to the people of Fleetwood and beyond!



At The Fish House, we are continually looking at ways in which we can help the environment and we take our part in this responsibility seriously which is why are committed to the following policies:


  • We will only ever use Haddock, Cod, Alaska Pollock, Cape Hake from sustainable fishing sources

  • Any ‘daily specials’ we advertise come from sustainable sources

  • We cook with a high efficiency frying range

  • All our packaging is recyclable (where possible)

  • Our waste oil is collected and turned into bio fuel

  • Our fish bones and off-cuts are sent to Abex fish recyclers

  • All our non-food waste is collected by Blackley’s and taken to their recycling plant

  • Where possible, we have changed our light bulbs to L.E.D and energy efficient bulbs

  • We use local suppliers as much as possible to help cut down our ‘food miles’ and to offer you local, quality produce

  • We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, with measuring dispensing systems to eliminate waste and overuse